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Hate Crime and Serious Vilification

Committee hearings

The Legal Affairs and Safety Committee is reaching out to Queenslanders inviting you to tell your story if you have been verbally or physically abused or harassed because of who you are.


All Queenslanders have the right to feel safe, however some people are subjected to vilification simply because of who they are, their background, choices or appearance.

The Legal Affairs and Safety Committee is holding an inquiry and will report to the Legislative Assembly on:

  1. the nature and extent of hate crimes and serious vilification in Queensland and whether there is evidence of increasing instances of serious vilification in Queensland

  2. the effectiveness of section 131A of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (the Act) and other existing Queensland laws responding to hate crimes.

To do this, the Committee is considering the Options Paper: Serious vilification and hate crime: The need for legislative reform, the interaction of Queensland and Commonwealth legislation in relation to online vilification; the effectiveness of activities and programs of the Queensland Government (including the Queensland Police Service and Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions) and the Commonwealth Government responding to hate crime, including record keeping practices; the Human Rights Act 2019 (HR Act) and any rights which are engaged by the current law and any proposals for reform, including a human rights analysis under section 13 of the HR Act for any recommended legislative amendments, as well as constitutional limitations, and the current legal framework and relevant reports, reviews and inquires in other Australian and international jurisdictions.

Queenslanders are encouraged to have their say. 

The committee is accepting written and audio submissions, and can help people who are unable to do so for themselves.

If you’re interested in telling your story please contact the secretariat on 3553 6641 or by email at