About Jonty

For the past decade, following the homicides of her father and nineteen-year-old sister, Jonty has advocated for the rights of victims of violent crime. In 2009, she was recognised nationally as the Young Australian of the Year, when she developed Queensland's One Punch Can Kill campaign. 

Jonty has a Bachelor of Business Management and a Masters in Criminology and Criminal Justice. She became CEO of a statewide victim support group, worked on Ministerial taskforces, was appointed to Queensland’s inaugural Sentencing Advisory Council and has continued to work and support government and community organisations with anti-violence and crime prevention strategies.

Jonty is putting our community first by making sure that our local schools are world class, our sports clubs get their fair share and that strong infrastructure investment continues in our area.

As we continue economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, she is our community’s strong voice within the Palaszczuk Government, ensuring we have a seat at the table. 

Jonty is currently a member of the Legal Affairs and Safety Committee and is a Temporary Speaker of the House.

Jonty is a mum and step-mother to four beautiful daughters, and with her partner runs a small business. She is a weekly barefoot runner in our local Parkrun and enjoys spending time with her dog, Benji.